The danger of minimizing Jihad to push an agenda

It took less than a few hours for politicians and their minions wasted little time to exploit the massacre at the Pulse night club in Orlando. President Obama gave heartstring-President Obama continues to use national tragedies to sell agendatugging speeches about the “evils of guns” and, like a child, could not resist making it a campaign speech by zinging Donald Trump. Still, Trump tripped over himself again trying to fuel the fires of the illegal immigration debate and House Democrats resorted to playground antics the moment it went into session after the shooting.

To recap, Radical Islamist Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS and its Jihad against the West on Facebook and to an E911 center, then entered Pulse with a semi-automatic weapon and went on a Terminator-esque shooting spree. Before that, he Continue reading

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