An open letter to Hillary Clinton from us in the Basket of Deplorables

Dear Ms. Clinton:

You recently again stated in front of an audience of very wealthy and emotionally needy supporters that half of your opponent’s supporters are, hil1in fact, “deplorable,” “racist,” “sexist,” “Islamophobic” and “homophobic.” You also cried about his tweets hurting people’s feelings.  Perhaps this is what you really think of those not up to your level of wealth; maybe you were providing entertainment for your big-money donors or you were feeding the fragile egos of your target psycho graphics. We understand this as we know the people for whom you are aiming.  Who you do not know are the people you consider “deplorable.” I suppose I am in that basket due to my pointing our the following in this letter:

Since the advent of Political Correctness, the standard Democrat Party strategy is to push an agenda as fact despite Continue reading

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