We should fear for our future, but not for the reason you are being told

Television news reporters, pundits and other members of the Fourth Estate have been in quite the quandary trying to figure out how, despite many of their best efforts, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America. You hear terms like “bigotry,” “hatred,”

Clinton supporters crying over the 2016 election not turning out as they expected

Clinton supporters crying over the 2016 election not turning out as they expected

“Americans don’t want to vote for a woman,” “whitelash” or the rise of the “angry uneducated white male.” Honestly, while many of the news media, the Saturday Night Live writers and the Hollywood Ditzerati predicted landslide victories for Clinton, one could have easily seen President-Elect Trump gaining ground to make the race very close in the last three weeks before November 8th through his outreach to forgotten populations, skepticism over Secretary Clinton’s politicking and the fact that a large portion of Americans wanted to elect someone outside the realm of the career politician. The win might have been a surprise to everyone aside from The Amazing Kreskin, but the closeness of the election should not. Over the past two days, we have heard from the Left and some loud celebrities about how horrible life will be in America because Trump is everything the media told them he was to get Clinton elected as if they were all in a collective meltdown. Many of those people have said they fear for our nation’s future with a Trump presidency. Looking at the state of the nation only a few days after the 2016 election, one should fear for the future of America, but for different reasons.

It is often said that it is important to invest in our youth because they are the leaders of the coming decades. While once inspiring, that thought should now breed abject terror. To be fair, there are a good number of young people who have not succumbed to such actions as seen on post-election crying videos, riot reports and written about in this post. Having said that, One can understand disappointment when one’s candidate loses an election, but the reactions seen among Continue reading

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