Brexit: a loss for Agenda 21 progressives, a win for the forgotten middle class

Globalists are in a tizzy over Britain’s vote to leave the formalized European Union. While it is a major blow for Agenda 21 Progressives, Great Britain no longer has to operate under German rule and carry non-productive nations brex1like Greece as part of the EU. Yes, economists believe there will be some trouble in the immediate future, but it is also agreed (honestly) the nation will be stronger financially down the road.

The European Union, once established as an inter-dependent trade plan, has evolved into a mighty political entity thanks mostly to the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. Gradually, the central power of the EU moved into the hands of Germany and (to a lesser degree) France. One could suppose if Germany could not take over Europe by force, its leaders believed manipulation and economic strong-arming would work better. The entity dictated economic, immigration and other policy to its members (the two mentioned have been absolute failures). Savvy leaders and observers in the UK, seeing its own sovereignty disappear through the entity, decided it was time to Continue reading

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