What have we learned from Election 2016 and its aftermath?

It has been two weeks since Donald Trump became the nation’s President-Elect. Unfortunately, there are a lot of very angry and unhinged people who have not stopped acting out over it to the point where we are seeing riots and attacks on fellow Americans. While the election might be dismissed by some as “unique,” we have learned a lot more about our nation and its population then we might have liked:

Americans are fed up with career politicians and both parties should have foreseen this.

Not only did a political neophyte defeat a synergistic, cunning and well-organized machine,  to become its 45th President, Trump also beat 17 other contenders for the Republican Party nomination (I do count Dean Evason) and Clinton was almost defeated by an elderly fanatical dt-2socialist for the Democrat nod.  Still, this should not have been a surprise at all.

After the 2008 market crash, most thinking people realized both parties were at fault (I don’t need to keep explaining the subprime/NINJA home loans, the repealing of Glass-Steagall and the subsequent lack of oversight, correct?), they wanted real change in Washington. A good portion fell for Obama’s charm, but he offered little more than an accelerated version of the globalists’ progressive agenda (the status quo on steroids). In response, Continue reading

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