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Political discourse was never optimal throughout the history of the US, but these days it has devolved into chants, slogans, soundbites, memes, insults and childish exchanges. This needs to end before the movie “Idiocracy” becomes more prophetic than a comical concept. That reversal, however, will not begin without a great deal of effort.
Perhaps civil discourse might be attained if all sides of an issue learn the perspective of their adversaries. Both major political parties have held what has become a combined monolith of power in a system that was meant to be one providing more choices than simply one questionable character or another. When serious problems pique the interest of the general population, those in power will distract the most of the electorate with a divisive social issue which will, in turn, dominate social networks. Two prime examples are the vitriolic posts and countless news stories about the Confederate battle flag and gay marriage while President Obama and Congressoinal allies passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and the recent over-coverage of a small-town Clerk who would not issue gay marriages while the President is strong-arming support in Congress for his ill-advised deal with Iran.
There are times, however, when a large number of people wised up to Government misgivings and hijinks. The Tea Party movement is an adequate example of such a time. Both parties were visibly terrified of the idea that people from all sorts of backgrounds and of sound mind (most of the TP protesters, at least) were banning together to question the way the country was being run and the direction it was being led. Republicans were losing primaries to self-proclaimed Tea Party advocates and Democrats were visibly intimidated, fearing losing their power to new adversaries from the center. To thwart the very people they were sworn to serve, officials and party bosses successfully branded them as “racists” or “extremists,” which soon minimized the threat to their power.
The fact is, we are all at fault for allowing political leaders, their hacks and wealthy advocates to dictate political discourse and the entire narrative. People who would otherwise speak up are in fear of being denounced as “racist,” “sexist” or any other kind of “ist” word that the terminally offended can dream up. Those on the Left are notorious perpetrators of such labeling. They had gone a step further over the past 25 years, trying to silence opposition by telling those they disagree with that they fear what they question. This is where the silly terms “homophobia” or “Islamophobia” came from. It is the equivalent of calling one’s opposition a “Chicken” as if a debate took place during elementary school recess.
Perhaps the content of this post is a small portion of the reason many center-right voters are enamoured with Donald Trunp and those on the ultra-left worship Bernard Sanders. Trump, as a political outsider, is loud, unfiltered, fearless and effectively deflects the vitriol being thrown at him while tackling tough issues. Sanders appeals to followers through promises of free college, class envy and an economically collectivist policy with a strong safety net during an economically volatile time. Setting aside how one feels about either Trump or Sanders, these men are the exact opposite of the typically-coroneted Presidential candidates either political party would prefer.
While this is an introductory post, via Harbinging, we will be delving into several issues and try to solve problems with political discourse and the system as it stands. We will also expose the intellectual dishonesty of meme/playground politics and revert Political Correctness back to the target of ridicule it was and should always be.
On a lighter note, the name of this blog comes from a frequent guest on a program I produce who knew he would be on the air discussing the markets the moment I walked into his office. Not a fan of media appearances, he would jokingly refer to me as the “Harbinger of Doom.” Soon, we will expand this website to include guest commentators and a podcast/radio show.

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